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Our domain provider is Tucows OpenSRS.  In order to make changes to your contact information, or to update your nameservers, DNS or get the domain authorization code etc, you will need to login to the Domain Manager or contact Support for assistance.  In addition to your domain name, you will require a username and password to access your account.  If you need help obtaining these, please check with Support.  Once you have the login details you can use the following link to make your changes.

Confirm domain renewal/registration and agree to terms.

    Check YES here to agree that you have been given the opportunity to review the Domain Registration Agreement and you accept it's terms including approval that you authorize The Net Now / Advanta Web / Tucows to act on your behalf to update your Name or contact details upon your request (proof of identity will be required). Note: This form can not be submitted unless checked.

    Please note:

    As of December 1, 2016, ICANN* started enforcing a new transfer policy that modifies the process of changing domain ownership from one registrant to another. As a result, it will not be as simple to update information on your registration such as Registrant, address or email address as now those changes will be managed in a similar way as a domain transfer between registrars. This means a series of email confirmations must take place for these changes. Like all other ICANN accredited registrars, our registrar, Tucows, is bound by the terms of the Transfer Policy, and needs to follow due process. As a result, the required changes to their processes are as follows:

    • It will no longer be possible to change the registrant of a domain name with a simple domain modification request.
    • Any changes to first name, last name, organization or email address fields for the owner of any gTLD domain name will now start a trade process.
    • The process involves obtaining explicit confirmation from current and new registrants before a change can be completed.
    • After a change of registrant has been completed, previous and new registrant will receive a confirmation notice informing them that the change has completed.
    • After a change of registrant has been completed, the domain is by default locked for transfers to a new registrar for the following 60 days.

    Tucows has implemented every effort to mitigate difficulties this may pose for some customers. The Net Now / Advanta Web will also help as much as possible to effect any legitimate requests to make changes to domain information. To that end, The Net Now / Advanta Web is now required to provide proof that our customers have been provided with the latest registration agreement and have made the following changes:

    • Registrants are required to confirm receipt of the new Registration Agreement by completing the form at top of this page as soon as possible.
    • Registrants may be required to provide additional photo identification in order to receive assistance with registration changes.
    • Registrants who have completed the form and provided proof of ID to The Net Now / Advanta Web may request to make a Change of Registrant request such as a Name Change, address change or email address change. Their approval of the terms on the Registration Agreement will explicitly authorize the domain registrar, Tucows, to act as their “Designated Agent” and to approve any Change of Registrant request on their behalf.

    Thank you for your cooperation!

    Contact Us

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    Technical support available after hours via email.

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