Manage Hosting or Website via Control Panel


You can locate your cPanel in the following way.   Just add /cpanel after your website name in a browser similar to this example:

This is your control panel where you can access tools to manage your website, email, DNS or SSL etc.  More information on many of the tools found here can be viewed at:


If you are trying to manage your website built with WordPress or another content management tool, you will need to check with your website designer how to access it as The Net Now does not keep track of WordPress logins.  However, if you are really stuck, we will be able to assist you to gain access of your website.   Please note:  If you are an administrator on your WordPress site, there is a password reset tool on the login screen.  Commonly you would access this by going to your website in a browser and adding /wp-admin afterwards like this example:

For clients who have worked with The Net Now in the past for support or design of your website, please contact us for assistance if you are unable to login.


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